100% pure Essential Oil Blends

Essential Oils are no longer a trend, they are here to stay! We have hand tried these oils and their benefits are instantly felt. The best part about them is they are pure. No additives or synthetic ingredients. Essential Oils offer a host of benefits physically and mentally. Put a few drops on your favorite stylish Lava Stone Jewelry and heal in style!

Handmade Soaps

Your skin will benefit from using our handmade soap that is created with natural oils and butters instead of one made with a concoction of synthetic chemicals and detergents. After using our handmade soap your skin should feel soft and supple, not dry and tight as is often the case after using harsher commercial soaps.

Homemade Bath Bombs

After a long day on the go our homemade Bath Bombs create a soothing atomsphere and calm your body and mind. Our products are carefully created with you and your well being in mind. We offer a wide selection and we promise not to insert any dangerous chemicals or dyes. Clean with something clean!